Tisa Farrow Shows Off Her Balloons in Playboy

Ages ago, a friend recommended that I watch a quaint, little Italian horror film called Anthropophagus  from sleaze auteur Joe D'Amato.  I was curious how Mr. D'Amato would handle a straight-up horror film and I was pretty confident that there'd be at least a little bit of his trademark sleaze thrown in, as well.  So I tracked down a copy and gave it a viewing.  Well, Mr. D'Amato delivered the gore but the film was woefully lacking in sleaze.  I don't really want to do a review  because reviews take time and energy and I'm a lazy bastard, but I will give it a thumbs up.  Painfully slow at times, but still worth watching.

But what grabbed my attention was how the young female lead, from certain angles, looked an awful lot like Mia Farrow.   She also has the same last name.  With my awe-inspiring mental prowess and powers of deduction that  I concluded that they must be related.  

I paused the film, fired up Netscape Navigator on my Compaq Presario, and quickly discovered that Tisa Farrow is, in fact, Mia Farrow's little sister.  Mystery solved.  The great consulting detective himself would have been impressed.

I also discovered that she had been in a fair number of horror and genre films before she retired from acting in 1980. Anthropophagus seems to be her last film.  But she was also in Antonio Margheriti's Vietnam gore-fest and "Apocalypse Now" ripoff "Hunter of the Apocalypse" in 1980, and the infamous "Zombie" (1979) from director Lucio Fulci - a film best known as "hey, isn't that the one where the zombie fights the shark?"  Yes, it is.  Yes, it is.

Tisa (which, I agree, is a pretty weird name.  Her full name is Theresa Magdalena Farrow) is also in James B. Harris's artsy and contemporary re-imagining of the Sleeping Beauty tale called "Some Call It Loving" with Richard Pryor and Zalman King of "Red Shoe Diaries" fame.  Vinegar Syndrome just announced that they will be releasing it on Blu-ray in August.  She shows her boobs in that movie.

In July 1973, she also showed her boobs in Playboy magazine.  I am convinced that any actress who starred in an Italian movie between 1970 and 1985 has, at one time or another, posed nude for Playboy.  Things were just better back then.  Here are those pictures...

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