Sydne Rome in Italian Playboy

Honestly, I don't know a whole lot about Sydne Rome but I read about her on Wikipedia so I'll pretend that I do.  She's from Ohio and is the daughter of some rich American guy who made his fortune in plastics.  Then she grew up and decided to be an actress.

Apparently, she had some difficulty finding roles in The States so she moved to Europe and found success in Italy and West Germany.  Most of her roles were in Spaghetti Westerns, sex comedies and giallo/thriller types which isn't surprising since these were popular genres at the time.  Notably, she starred in Roman Polanski's weird, dark, sex comedy, "What?" in 1972 and Sergio Martino's "Sex with a Smile" in 1976.

After working on David Hemmings's 1978 box office flop "Just a Gigolo," Sydne became romantically linked to co-star David Bowie, although they may have been dating even earlier than that.  Sydne had escorted David to the premiere of "The Man Who Fell to Earth" two years before, so it's possible that they had been seeing each other before they ever worked together on "Just a Gigolo."  In any case, the relationship didn't last.

In the 1980s, when the aerobics fitness dance workout thing gained worldwide popularity, Sydne gave fitness icon Jane Fonda a run for her money by releasing her own aerobics workout.  Of course, it's on YouTube and it's in German.

In addition to acting, aerobicizing, and dating other celebrities, she also sang... and not just in films.  She has a whole album of musical gems and even some music videos for these glorious songs, like the one below.  In this "music video," she has a space-age, silver raincoat and an Afghan Hound... because it's 1980.  At first I hought someone had splooged glitter all over her face until I realized it's supposed to be raining.  Hence, the raincoat.  If you can make it through the entire video, you have a much stouter constitution than I.

Also, she posed for Italian Playboy in 1980 which seems to be customary for actresses in Italian cinema in the '70s and '80s.  I like this tradition.  These pictures are from the August 1980 edition.

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