Christina Lindberg is a Sex Star and Doomed to Rape

Christina Lindberg "through the worst turnips... is doomed to rape."

In 1975, the short-lived French erotica and exploitation cinema magazine 'Sex Stars System' had a four page "illustrated filmography" and write-up about Swedish actress Christina Lindberg, and rather than use my rudimentary high-school level French to decipher the text, I figured I'd use the modern hi-tech solution.  I used Google Translate.  However, I soon realized that I would need patience and a certain amount of brain power to translate the Google translation.  Woefully, I seem to lack both requirements.  But I did my best.

"We know too little the Swedish Christina Lindberg in France or are out that five of its films ("The Possessed," "The Unclean," "The Indecent," "Self exchanges" and "What Female Students Do Not Tell"): it is in Belgium that we may from time to time, have the chance to surprise his nudity on screens."
The French are sad because the good Christina Lindberg movies are only available in Belgium.
"Yet paradoxically, the luscious Christina is famous near the marginal cinema lovers; but it does unfortunately this glory that is to be there vendetta of a mythical movie, which made a big splash in 1973 at Cannes: "Thriller," a resolutely crazy band signed Alex Fridolinski (and realized, in fact, by Bo A. Vibenius). There are 8 versions of "Thriller," more or less violent and erotic: the more thrust (which earned the film for more than a year to be completely banned in Sweden or censorship had not been 14 years) is not only a bloody violence, but also a total pornography. However hard the plans are not interpreted by Christina but by a liner only, filmed in close-up: the process is known, will school ..."
The movie Thriller was popular at Cannes in 1973 but it was banned in Sweden for a year because there are close-ups of Christina's body-double getting the root.  Essentially, it shows too much of the old in-out, in-out, aka "more thrust."  This is odd because those liberal bastards in Sweden hadn't banned anything for 14 years.
"Anyway, Thriller went popular Christina, her angel face fatigue and his impressive chest. We then remembered having already seen in a weird movie, "The Possessed," or was beginning his character vamp both child and maternal.  Bacle by moralizing Torgny Wickman, "The Impure" might suggest that Christina was only a meteor, as it seems to to the extreme limit of ugliness. Now, it is not.  And it is hard to believe his official biographies star claims over 25 films (although it has played in some obscure bands remained unknown), it does not have less magnified by its presence, various Swedish and German films."
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Christina has a sad, pretty face and big boobs.  Somehow she has been in 25 films, but nobody has ever seen them.  Perhaps those crafty Swedes and Germans are hiding them for their own perverse gratification.
"Cover girl of 1968 (17 years old), it began in a secondary role Rotmanad that followed a simple extra in "Smoke." The star was brought to him by "the Possessed," and she knew it hold (turning only a limited number of films) through the worst turnips: in his films, it is hardly that will pin "Maid in Sweden" (or she perfected his character innocent bitch, doomed to rape) and "Die Madchen Nach Munchen Kommen" (for a beautifully fetichiste sequence of low and divine holder jar-like), in addition to "Thriller."
She started out as a model, got a couple of minor film roles and then perfected the role of "innocent bitch, doomed to rape" and kinky, "jar-like, divine holder" in "Die Madchen Nach Munchen Kommen"  Ok, to be honest, I have no idea what that last paragraph was about.
"In Sweden and England, its success is so strong that a book was, in both countries, edited on it: This is Christina Lindberg by Bernt Arahed, with more than 80 photos Bo Sehlberg (1973). F or the greatest shame of cinema, Christina is again essentially cover girl ..."
I think everybody can figure out that last one.  And here are some more pictures of Christina's "impressive chest."

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