Barbara Hershey and the Boxcar Bertha Playboy Nudes

Before Martin Scorsese became one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of humankind, he teamed up with legendary exploitation producer Roger Corman to make a film based on the exploits of a train robbing hooker and her band of merry men.  The film is called "Boxcar Bertha".

Barbara Hershey and David Carradine
The movie features a young Barbara Hershey as a free-spirited gangster with loose morals and her lover, union leader Big Bill Shelly who is played by B-movie veteran, David Carradine.  The interesting thing about these two is that they were a real-life couple and even had a child together the same year that "Boxcar Bertha" was released. So, the passion they show on the screen is very real.  They were just two kids in love.  Or rather, Barbara Hershey was just a kid in love with a man 12 years her senior.  

The relationship did not last.  They fell in love in 1969 when they worked together on the movie "Heaven with a Gun" and after David's infidelity with actress Season Hubley (who would later marry Kurt Russell) on the set of the TV series "Kung Fu," the two split up in 1975.

But before all that drama and heartache,  Barbara and David recreated their two sex scenes from "Boxcar Bertha" for the August, 1972 edition of 'Playboy' magazine in an attempt to drum up some publicity for the movie.  And here are those photos.

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