Ursula Andress Is Not Against Nudity

"I'm not against nudity when it is used for a purpose and is done with a maximum of taste, style and class"

The first Hammer Film Production to be based around a female lead was "She" in 1965 and starred a young Ursula Andress who had found success opposite Sean Connery in the first James Bond film, "Dr. No." three years earlier.  As the first Bond girl and the first female star for Hammer to build a film around, she was like a trailblazer and shit.

She also posed in Playboy.  To promote the movie "She," she did a spread for the 'bunny mag' and expressed her opinions on nudity in film.  She's for it.   Apparently, she didn't want to get naked for the movie, but then she did.  You can read the text on the photos for yourself so i don't really need to paraphrase.

She was in several editions of Playboy, but these photos are from her first appearance in June 1965.  She was photographed by her husband John Derek, who would later ditch her and marry Linda Evans and then ditch her and marry another busty blonde, Bo Derek.  He photographed Linda and Bo for Playboy, as well.  What a generous guy.


Rob S Gray said...

I'd like to say something clever... but I have nothing.
Regardless, great post. Good times, sir. Good times.

Beasts in Human Skin said...

I wish I was clever when I wrote the thing. I do appreciate the comment, though.

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