Marlène Jobert Has An Urchin Face And No Tan Lines

Marlene Jobert in Playmen magazine
What the hell is an urchin face?  In an old article in Cinema X magazine, French actress Marlene Jobert is said to have a "freckled urchin face... ready wit and... mocking laugh."  That seems like a nice way of calling her a condescending bitch.  

But then again, when talking about her return to acting in 1975, she's described as being "more slender, more green of eye, red of flamboyant mane.  More sprinkled with freckles.  More calm.  Her pronunciation and delivery, more supple--subtle.  More everything... more woman!"  So maybe she's actually a really nice person and he's just a horrible writer.

I guess back in the day she was big in France, making French movies for a French audience. That's probably why I've hardly seen her in anything.  She was in the 1970 movie Rider on the Rain with Charles Bronson, so that's something.

What she's generally known for now is being the mother of actress, Eva Green.  It seems both mother and daughter have little reservation about taking their clothes off in front of the camera.  You know, for art and stuff.  Click here to see all the movies Marlene has been naked in.

Here's that article and some photos from Cinema X magazine.

Those pictures above are actually from a photo shoot she did for Playmen magazine in 1978 and I guess Cinema X just borrowed them for their article.  These are the original photos:

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