Laura Gemser Bends Over and Says "Oui"

Actually I have no idea whether she said "Oui" or not.  It doesn't look like she's saying anything at all, really.  She's just posing provocatively with a debonair young gentlemen and showing her boob.  I'm not even sure why she would speak French since she's from Indonesia and grew up in the Netherlands.

But these photos are from Oui Magazine, which was originally French and then purchased by Playboy as a more explicit version of their magazine to challenge the smuttier pics of Penthouse.  The experiment failed and instead of taking readers away from Penthouse, it took them from Playboy.  Playboy sold Oui Magazine in 1981. 

Obviously this 1975 photo shoot with Laura is pretty far from explicit, so I don't know what the hell is going on.  It's not like she's a stranger to nudity and simulated sex.  She made a career out of it.  Oh well.  She does look quite glamorous, and the photos are all pretty and colorful and artsy, so I can't complain too much.  It's just that more boobs would be nice.

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