Eleonora Giorgi Has Armpit Hair. Doesn't Care.

I have a problem with that stupid Dove 'Real Beauty' campaign, at least when it comes to armpits.  They try to make women "love their armpits" by making them feel self-conscious about their armpits.  Invent a problem and then sell a product to fix it.  Good work.  Anyway, I'm not going to rant about what a terrible marketing campaign this is, and anyone reading this outside North America or the U.K. probably has no idea what I'm talking about so... back to Eleonora.  

This is Eleonora Giorgi in the September 1977 edition of Playmen Magazine.  She isn't worried that her pits aren't properly moisturized and probably doesn't buy special products to make them more beautiful.  They're natural and they're hairy and I think it's hot.  I'm sure some will disagree.

You probably know Eleonora from Dario Argento's kick-ass, atmospheric, supernatural horror "Inferno" from 1980.  At least that's where I was first introduced to her.

Unfortunately, she keeps her clothes on in the film which is strange since she's been naked in just about every other movie she's been in.  She spends a good deal of time in a wet, clingy blouse, but that's pretty much it.  But thanks to Playmen Magazine, which is kind of like the Italian Playboy, (she also posed for Italian Playboy) we get to see her au naturel. 

Eleonora Giorgi and Leigh McCloskey in INFERNO (1980)

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sexy...very sexy vagina...

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