Olinka Berova: T&A Tease

I've heard her referred to as "The Czech Sex-Pot" but I'm not sure why.  It's not like she did any adult films or anything.  I mean, she didn't even get fully naked for any of her roles.  "Brigitte Lahaie: French Sex-Pot," now that's an appropriate title.  For Olinka, not so much.  She's beautiful and she's from Prague, but she's not a "sex-pot."  Perhaps she would be better described as "Olinka Berova: T&A Tease" or something.  

Olinka isn't her real name.  She was born as Olga Schoberova and acted under that name until she starred in the Hammer Film Production of The Vengeance of She in 1968, which is the role which she is probably most known for.  At that time she switched to Olinka and kept using that name because, why the hell not.  It sounds better than Olga.  Click here for all The Women of Hammer Horror.

Here are some lobby cards for the film she did after The Vengeance of She called Lucrezia or Lucrezia Borgia, l'amante del diavolo or in this case, Lukrezia Borgia, Die Tochter des Papstes.  Again, like in the Hammer film, she doesn't get fully nude but she is topless and gives a quick glimpse of boob here and there.   I think that's nice.

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