Mary Collinson Nude in Fiesta

Mary Collinson, or Mary Collins as she is referred to here in Fiesta magazine, is one half of the infamous "Twins of Evil" from the Hammer Horror film of the same name.  Mary is rarely seen without her twin sister Madeleine, and the two are usually in various states of undress, so at least that part is true here.  I'm not sure where Madeleine is.  I kind of miss her.

In addition to starring in Hammer's vampire flick, the Collinson twins are also known for posing for Playboy magazine and appearing in several erotic comedy and sexploitation films like Passion Potion (1971) and The Love Machine (1971).  They basically made careers out of getting naked in front of a camera (if you classify two years in film as a career), and there's nothing wrong with that.  Click here for all The Women of Hammer Horror.  

So here is Mary, all by her lonesome, in the March 1970 edition of Fiesta magazine.   They assured us "that 37-25-36 body of hers is going to be one of the most familiar sights of the seventies to the connoisseurs of beauty."  Now I don't know if I'd consider myself a connoisseur of beauty and the 1970s are long gone, but for me, Mary Collinson's body is still a familiar sight.

Four shillings for a nudie mag?!  That's outrageous!


Anonymous said...

What a whore

T. Banacek said...

She is?

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