Haydée Politoff is Naked, Bound and Whipped

She had everything except the bondage and humiliation she craved.

I guess technically she still has her panties on, but whatever.  This French born actress stripped down and got tied up for the 1969 film "Scacco alla regina," also known as "Check to the Queen."  The description below sums up the film quite nicely and it sounds very much like a movie I need to get my hands on and review one of these days: "Sadism, Masochism, black leather, fat, lecherous men with steel hooks for hands, nubile maidens with whips..."  Really, they had me at fat, lecherous men.  A topless Haydee Politoff being whipped by Rosanna Schiaffino is just a bonus.

Here are some promotional stills from "Check to the Queen" which was just recently released on DVD and Blu-ray as "The Slave" from Mondo Macabro.

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Stern Verbs said...

Humans are very weird.

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