Dagmar Lassander and Gloria Guida Are Lovely, Vicious Lesbians

Back in 1975, Silvio Amadio directed an Italian lesbian erotica called "Peccati di gioventu" starring the young Gloria Guida and the more mature Dagmar Lassander.  There isn't much of a plot and the film seems to be an excuse for Gloria to parade around naked for 90 minutes, and I'm OK with this.

Angela (Gloria Guida) is fresh out of school and pissed that her dad is going to get married to some woman named Irene (Dagmar Lassander).  Logically, Angela sends her boyfriend to seduce her soon-to-be stepmother.  That doesn't work, so after some digging, she discovers that Irene was once a lesbian.  So, for the rest of the movie, a very naked Gloria Guida goes to great lengths to try and seduce Dagmar Lassander for some reason.  It's best not to think of these things, but just enjoy the girl-on-girl, or rather, the girl-on-mature-woman action instead.  Although Gloria is nude for the majority of the film, Dagmar keeps her clothes on in this one.  

In 2009, "Peccati di gioventu" was re-released in English as "So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious..."  These are some promotional photos from the film.

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