Caroline Munro Strokes a Pole

First she violates a staircase and then she puts her boots on the furniture?  What a rebel!  The Man can't keep her down!  Ok, so maybe she's not violating that pole in the photos, but a man can dream.  What the hell's with those stairs anyway?  They don't go anywhere.

So here's the star of many a Hammer horror film, Caroline Munro in some publicity photos for the travesty of a film known as "Dracula A.D. 1972".  If you haven't seen the film, the tagline is: The Count is Back with an Eye for London's Hotpants... and a Taste for Everything.  That should give you an idea of how ungroovy this movie is.

You know how kids are.  All they want to do is smoke their drugs and conduct black masses.  Instead of getting jobs and haircuts, they raise Dracula from the grave and he starts killing people, so Dr. Van Helsing has to intervene and save the hippies from their stupidity.  The movie does have three things going for it: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and the rebellious Caroline Munro and her skimpy outfit.  I guess that's four things.  Unfortunately, Caroline only has a minor role and she dies pretty early.  And isn't that the same thing she wore in StarCrash?

I did a short, terrible review of the movie ages ago and I came to the same conclusions: solid acting, beautiful sets and terrible everything else.  Caroline Munro's bare midriff and thigh-high leather boots make up for the terrible everything else.

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