Brigitte Lahaie Rides Japanese

She's Fearless... and Plays a Dangerous Game.

So here's Brigitte Lahaie with a Kawasaki motorcycle, which is a nice change from her straddling various animals.  I believe these photos are from some German magazine which is probably long dead.  There are a few more in the set but I chose not to include them because they are a little too "spread leg-ish," and I'd like to keep the blog at a hard R-Rating and not quite X.   Unfortunately, without those other pictures, the terrible puns and double entendres  are lost, so I'll share them with you: 

Her rules are simple and were set down before time began.  Climb into the saddle and wrap your legs around this baby... and then hang on.  No short spurts for her... be prepared for a long, stimulating ride... one you'll never forget.  She may stall on you but once you have her flat out, those hills will be there for the taking.  So rev her up... if you can... and believe me... you'll come back for more.  

There.  Aren't you glad I did?  For those who want to see her X-Rated stuff, Alpha France has been releasing "The Greatest Hits of French Adult Cinema" and many of Brigitte's films are among them.

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