Maryam d'Abo Has a Cello and No Pants

Is Maryam d'Abo a cult actress?  Well, she was in "Tomcat: Dangerous Desires," "Shootfighter: Fight to the Death," two episodes of Red Shoe Diaries and an episode of Tales from the Cypt.  Her very first movie role was in the British sci-fi horror, "Xtro" and she got all kinds of naked in that film.  I did a short review of it once...  So, those credentials are good enough for me.

Christmas isn't just a time of nostalgia for the innocence of childhood, the magical wonder of the holiday season, and memories of merrymaking in years long past.  It's also a time for forgiveness, a big ol' plate of turkey and sausage. And James Bond. Why do people feel compelled to watch James Bond movies around Christmas? I have no idea, but I always do.

Maryam d'Abo is probably best known for her role as the cello-playing sniper in "The Living Daylights" with one of the most under-appreciated James Bonds, Timothy Dalton.  Now I don't want to get into a debate over who the best Bond was (obviously, it was Connery) or who the hottest Bond girl was (Jane Seymour), I'm just here to post pictures of Maryam naked because I watched "The Living Daylights" the other day and wanted to see if she ever posed nude.  She did.

Back in 1987, Playboy celebrated 30 years of "The Women of 007" by showcasing all the Bond girls up to that point, and focusing especially on Maryam d'Abo since The Living Daylights was released the same year.  It seems Maryam was kind enough to show some skin for Playboy's dedicated readers.  I thank her for her generosity.  

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