Asami is Naked and Flexible

Asami is naked because she isn't wearing clothes, and she's flexible because she's all limber and bendy and stuff.  She also has a flower in her butt, so that's something.  But, she's also been quite flexible with her film roles and has evolved as an actress throughout the years. She can play cute or she can play cold and callous.  Sometimes she's like Sailor Moon and sometimes she's like Sailor Mars.  She's also been naked in every movie that I've seen her in, I think.  Naked and flexible.

She started her film career in 2005, and quickly moved to gravure and then to Japanese Adult Video (JAV), where she did quite a few (pixelated) hard-core movies.  At this time, she mainly went by the name Asami Miyajima.  Outside of her adult films, she started working with director Noboru Iguchi on his crazy, gore-filled action films like Sukeban Boy and The Machine Girl.  For these films, she was known as simply "Asami" and generally still is.

She also starred in several softcore Pink Eiga films before moving on to more "serious" roles in films like Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead and Dead Sushi.  In 2008, she decided to stop working in the Adult Video industry altogether, and now she goes by the name Asami Sugiura or just Asami.  

Still, she's naked in practically every movie that she's in whether it's Pink Eiga, gory cult comedies or adult video.  She isn't just a pretty face, either.  Somewhere along the way she learned how to fight because she kicks some serious ass in her films, and she does it convincingly.  

Asami stars in the next several movies that I'll be reviewing.

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