The Netflix for Underground Cinema

The Netflix for underground cinema.  It does exist.

If you have refined tastes like I do, you'll understand the frustration of scrolling endlessly through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu trying to find a quality Mexican dwarfsploitation film.  They just don't carry the sophisticated cinema that is regularly reviewed here on Beasts in Human Skin.  This has always been a problem for me, but now there's a solution.

Ok, they may not have any Mexican dwarfsploitation but The Movie & Music Network does have over 50 channels and 6000  movie and TV titles available for streaming on a multitude of platforms including Android, IOS, Roku and online.  The best part is, the channels are actually good, and they encompass everything from the gore of Herschell Gordon Lewis to the smut of Tinto Brass.

- Cult Epics:  The most controversial films of the century specializing in cult, horror, art house, and erotica.
- Sci-Fi Station:  Specializes in cult horror, science fiction, and exploitation films.
- Something Weird:  An extensive compilation of films specializing in rare offbeat genres.
- Naughty But Nice:  Retro erotica, striptease and burlesque shows, Bettie Page trailers and shameless shorts.
- Erotica Channel:  Edgy, unusual adult fare.
- Peepland USA:  Vintage classic girlie films.
- The Last Drive-In: Retro TV shows, rare and classic film gems, drive-in and b-movie flicks, cult movie celebrity interviews, propaganda films, stag reels and so much more!
- Salvation Films:  Your place for everything euro cult, horror, giallo, and erotic thrillers from the underground.

And the best reason to join The Movie & Music Network:

- Pink Eiga:  Japanese erotic cinema (Pink Eiga) is a short-form, independently produced, Japanese erotic subculture.

As I've mentioned before, my favorite exploitation movies come from Japan.  I've also mentioned that I like boobies... which is why I really like Pink Eiga films.  They're Japanese and they show boobies... and sometimes bondage... and sometimes women getting milked like cows and stuff, but they're not just sexploitation films.  There's an artistry to them.  Some of them are beautiful and some of them are insane, and some of them are existential mind-fucks that make you contemplate the human condition.  But all of them have one thing in common - lots and lots of nudity, and for that reason I love them all.

The guys and gals at Pink Eiga Inc. have an extensive Video on Demand section where each film can be watched for an economical $4.99.  But a subscription to The Music & Movie Network costs $5.99 per month, which means you can watch over 50 Pink Eiga titles for only $1 more than a single rental directly from Pink Eiga's website.  On top of that, you get access to 50+ channels including a substantial amount of exploitation and cult movie goodness, which makes a subscription to The Movie and Music Network a helluva good deal.

Also, a little birdie has informed me that they'll soon be adding nearly 100 new Pink Eiga titles to The Movie & Music Network library which makes a helluva good deal even better.

The Movie & Music Network is dead but you can stream the Pink Eiga library directly from Pink Eiga and also from Exploitation.tv

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