Bill Oberst Jr. is a Lucky Bastard

If you take a second look at these pictures, you may notice that there is a guy is standing in front of Kelly.  No really, look again.  That is (overworked?) actor Bill Oberst Jr.  And I know what you're thinking, "I know what Mr. Oberst looks like and that is not Mr. Oberst.."  But I assure you that it is.  The confusion arises from the fact that he is not shirtless and covered in blood, but it is him.  He just cleans up nicely.

Bill (I'm going to call him Bill like we're old pals.) sent these pictures to me long, long ago but because the blog went on vacation, I never got around to sharing them... until now.  Better late than never!  I can only guess that he sent them to demonstrate just how difficult and demanding the life of an actor really is.  Just look at him straining to look at the camera instead of the naked woman at his feet.  That's dedication.

Of course, I jest.  If you check out his profile on IMDb he's working on about 16 billion films right now and probably shedding his own blood on the set of every one.  He's like the Chesty Puller of acting.  The film industry should give him a Purple Heart or something.


Bill Oberst Jr. said...

The word is overused, Banacek, but it fits: I'm 'honored' to be compared to Chesty Puller and damned impressed by the reference. Mental free-association makes me think of Chesty Morgan (a considerably more pleasing image) She came on tour to my hometown when I was a boy...I was not allowed to go but I later heard a Sheriff's deputy say that she carried a full tray of beers on her bust across the stage.

Banacek said...

I'm surprised that woman could even stand up straight.

We're glad you do what you do, Bill.

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