Misty Mundae Needs Help

And only you can help her.  Director Roy Berkeley is reaching out for some financial support for a short film which will star Erin Brown, who readers of this blog will probably know better as Misty Mundae, the lovely vixen of many a softcore and exploitation film.

The proposed project is called  Inside the Armoire and is "about a young woman who risks her sanity for an enigmatic device's promise of full cinematic immersion."  It sounds unique, surreal and ambitious.  It also seems very Cronenberg-esque, a quality of which I strongly approve.

A contribution of any size is appreciated but if you're a fan of Ms. Mundae, this is the perfect opportunity to get some of her goodies which are available for a more generous donation; her goodies being a personalized "thank you" or even the space suit that she'll wear in the film.

And I'm sure many are wondering if she'll slip out of that space suit and show us some of that "full cinematic immersion" and I can answer unequivocally... Maybe!

For more info check out the Indiegogo Campaign.

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