Horror Puppet Boob Tease

I can't remember what the hell I was searching for exactly when I came across this poster for Horror Puppet.  I had never heard of this movie before but holy crap does this poster look awesome.  My first thought was that this must be some obscure nudity-filled Italian supernatural horror (which is one of my favorite genres of nudity-filled movies) so I headed over to IMDb to get some details.

Fuck you, leaf.
I learned that Horror Puppet is more commonly known as Tourist Trap, a movie which I have heard of but never seen.  The first disappointment was that it's not Italian but American.  That's ok.  The second disappointment is that it's actually more of a slasher than a supernatural thriller.  Well, that's ok too.  At least it has Tanya Roberts in it.  But the kicker is... NO FREAKIN' NUDITY!  NONE!

But the poster is so awesome!  There are beams of light from a skull-cloud's mouth shining on some woman's boobs!  I had to see the movie for myself so I tracked down a copy and alas, it's all true.  There is no nudity.  There's a skinny dipping scene but because of some strategically placed foliage, nary a booby is to be seen.

Still, it's not a bad film and it's worth watching but I still feel betrayed.

So here's Tanya Roberts naked with a lion.

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