Annie Belle has a Sweater and a Petite Derrière

Or however you say that in Japanese.

You may know this French actress from Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle where she gets it on with the lovely Laura Gemser, but I know her from the Joe D'Amato horror film Absurd, where she gets her face burnt off in an oven.

So I guess these are a couple of Japanese promotional posters for the other "Emmanuelle" movie that she did called Laure aka Forever Emmanuelle but I'm pretty sure that the original pictures are from the now defunct Italian men's magazine Playmen, which was supposed to be the Italian equivalent of Playboy, which is odd because there was an Italian version of Playboy.  In fact, I think Annie posed for that magazine back in the day, as well.  I'll have to track those pictures down.

So here she is showing the Japanese people how to properly dress to seduce cross-dressing helicopter pilots so that you can make sweet, sweet love, orgy-style, over Manila while the thing is on "autopilot" - because that actually happens in this train-wreck of a movie.  She has a really nice caboose, though.

I would have made a "Belle bottom" joke but Pulp International beat me to it.  That's where I stole the first picture from.

And these two are from Playmen magazine, I think.

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