Uschi Glas Has a Nice Ass

Probably.  It's hard to tell from these pictures because her rack is so distracting.  What's with girls named Uschi and their ample racks?  Uschi Digard, Uschi Glas, Uschi Obermaier... ok Uschi Obermaier doesn't have a huge rack, but damn she was hot.

This busty-ish Bavarian beauty known as Uschi Glas has been in over 75 films according to the scholars at Wikipedia, but I really only care about a couple of them; Umberto Lenzi's 1971 giallo Seven Blood Stained Orchids and the 1968 German, stick-it-to-the-man, counterculture, one-liner comedy-thingy Zur Sache Schätzchen a.k.a. Go for It, Baby which is where a number of these pictures come from.  I'm sure her other roles are great and all, but I'll leave them for bloggers who cover German made-for-TV movies from the 1980s and '90s.  I'm sure there's at least one.  Internet, you so crazy!

Alas, I don't know of any films where Uschi went topless and I couldn't find any nude photographs either, so these bikini and see-through pictures will have to do.  She is molesting a stuffed giraffe in two of them.  I guess that's something.

The German Cockblock Team


D4 said...

Those giraffe pictures are gold. Also, I just realized I haven't paid attention to her ass at all. And after scrolling up, I realize it's because it's not really shown off at all. You sly, Banacek.

Banacek said...

I guess I was just... being cheeky.

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