Semen Demon

The demon brought hookers to my house! 

"Sexual bombshell Reiko Yamaguchi, star of the smash-hit Japanese Wife Next Door films, is back and this time she needs an exorcist! Is her new husband possessed by a demon or is he just a pervert? And what’s up with her father-in-law and his insatiable desire for Reiko’s big tits and hot ass? Something is definitely wrong with Reiko’s family, and only an exorcist can help! Akira Fukamachi directs this raunchy take on exorcism."

Finally, a movie that addresses the vital question: What if Captain Howdy was Asian and a pervert?

A newly married and sexually naive woman discovers that her husband is into bondage and enemas, and that her father-in-law is obsessed with her boobs, so obviously her family is being controlled by demonic forces.  Wait a minute.  Aren't all Japanese men panty-sniffing pervs?  Isn't this the land of sexy schoolgirls and tentacle porn?  These guys aren't possessed, they're just Japanese.

And if you're wondering just how big "Reiko's big tits" are, I've heard G-cup.  I haven't come across any measurements for her "hot ass" though.


Francis Lee said...

I fucking love the Japanese, mad gits!

John Doe said...

So what you're saying is that this movie should just be called A Japanese Movie.

D4 said...

Blaming it on a demon. Now that's something I haven't tried before.

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