Brigitte Maier in Penthouse

"I'm not a hooker - I just have fun!"

Brigitte Maier came along at an interesting time.  It was the early '70s and the sexploitation genre had just given way to full-on penetration porn.  Busty cheerleaders, naughty nurses, T&A and simulated sex no longer worked for grindhouse audiences.  When they went to their local sleazy, stain-filled theater, audiences wanted to see naughty bits inside of naughty bits, and both American and European directors delivered - but with very different styles.  The artistry and emotion of the arthouse and sexploitation films were not lost on these early European directors, but the American pornographic films seemed to lack the eroticism of male and female coupling, at least for the most part.  These films set the stage for the robotic American style of  "Hello stranger.  I find you attractive.  Let us have intercourse" ... and then ten minutes of dull, coitus close-ups.

Brigitte, who worked in both American and European adult films in the 1970s summed up the differences quite succinctly in her 1974 Penthouse pictorial and interview:

Americans can’t seem to separate an enthusiastic porno actress from a prostitute. I’m not a hooker – I just have fun! But in America when I’m asked to do a porno film, I’m essentially being asked to turn a trick. In Europe, directors care about me and my emotions and feelings. Here it seems like sex is still treated as a taboo, as something unnatural. Fucking in American porno films seems staged and the camera just shows close-ups of a cock and a cunt. In America you go to a set and they want you to screw some guy you’ve never even seen before. It’s too artificial. The Europeans try to capture feelings and emotions, so they show the faces and the whole body. Maybe it’s because they take enough care to find people who are naturally attracted to each other.

A detailed biography of Brigitte and her views of the '70s porn industry can be found at Club Kascha.

And here she is in the July 1974 edition of Penthouse Magazine.

Ok, this next one isn't from Penthouse but I like it.


Scott Thomas said...

Thank you! I didn't know who she was until I read this. I now have a long list of movies to try to find and watch.

Banacek said...

Glad I could help!

Dale Ealey said...

I have that Penthouse somewhere, now I need to find it! I had forgotten that was her, and she just friended me on facebook!

Beasts in Human Skin said...

I'm jealous of both those things.

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