Barbara Leigh and Boobs

This Georgia Peach got around.  According to her autobiography, Steve McQueen, Elvis, and Jim Aubrey all tasted of her fruit.  And what delectable fruits they are...  I imagine.  She also starred in the sexploitation/women in prison movie Terminal Island with Tom Selleck and you just know she got a mustache ride or two because there isn't a woman alive who can resist his soup-strainer.  Apparently McQueen knocked her up but she aborted the pregnancy and then felt bad.  And I have no idea who Jim Aubrey is.

Mistress of the Apes
 She didn't have a whole lot of film roles and only acted for about ten years, with her last movie being the 1979 rape-y, jungle, exploitation flick Mistress of the Apes.  During her decade of acting she switched between guest starring on mainstream TV shows like CHiPS, The Incredible Hulk and The Rockford Files and getting naked in sleazy exploitation films like The Student Nurses, Terminal Island, Boss Nigger, and Seven (1979).

She also has a history with Playboy.  Because she's part Cherokee, she dressed up (or undressed up) as a Native American for her first spread in 1973.  In 1977 she posed for the magazine again but this time I guess the theme was "slut in an apartment building" or something.  In 2003 she became an editor for the magazine and still works there today.


DrunkethWizerd said...

Yep. She's a babe. Reminds me of Emily Blunt.

D4 said...

I like her boobs. I do. And I'm impressed with her being an editor.. there of all places. It's her thighs.. maybe I'm more of a leg man than I thought.

Bill Oberst Jr. said...

Holy Crap! How did I miss MISTRESS OF THE APES? "She found fulfillment in the jungle with the ape that walked like a man" is possibly the best tagline ever. Barbara Leigh is in her 60's now but I bet she is still striking; just checked and she still has a talent agent listed here in LA...so now I officially have to work with her. Wil keep you posted, Banacek.

Banacek said...

Poor Barbara Leigh. She got raped in that movie. Twice.

Hell, if you do work with her you better let me know!

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