Zombie A-Hole (2012)

Zombie A-Hole takes place in a world that's a bit different from our own. A realm that teeters on the edge of sleaze and comic book stylized awesomeness. It's Planet Terror meets Sin City meets The Good The Bad and The Ugly. All the men are hard-asses, and all the women are bombshells. Just because vengeance is your way of life doesn't mean you can't look damn sexy while you dole out hearty doses of whoop-ass. Everything is just a bit bigger and more interesting than their real life counterparts. This is a an exploitation flick with a southern gothic flair. - official synopsis

I want to say up front that I completely support independent filmmakers and I love independent films but I also hate when directors make shitty, low-budget horror films and call them "exploitation."  Adding film grain and cutting frames does not make a movie an exploitation film.  Zombie A-Hole is just a low budget horror film.  It's not really shitty, but it's not that great either.

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It seems to me that director Dustin Mills was going for an Army of Darkness or Big Trouble in Little China tribute rather than anything ever shown in a grindhouse theater.  Josh Eal puts forth a valiant effort as the charismatic, nonchalant bad-ass played so expertly by Kurt Russell and by the king of B-movie horror, Bruce Campbell, but ultimately... well I won't say he fails but he certainly didn't succeed either.  Josh Eal is no Bruce Campbell.  No one is. 

And people are going to think I'm nuts but the thing I like the least about Zombie A-Hole is the gratuitous nudity.  Wait, what?!   Yeah, I can't believe I just wrote that either.  I always thought that when they needed some unnecessary boobies for these types of films, the director would just round up some single moms from the local strip club.  Nope, not Dustin Mills.  I have no idea where he got these girls, but I can't remember ever watching a film where I  prayed that the girls would keep their clothes on and then wanting to gouge my eyes out when they didn't.  If you've ever accidentally stumbled into the bathroom where your unattractive, crackwhore aunt who just gave birth to twins is in the shower, soaping up her titties and staring seductively into your eyes and it gave you wood, well then you might enjoy the nude scenes in this movie.

But still, Zombie A-Hole is a movie worth watching.  It's creative, unique and original... what do you mean those words mean the same thing?

It really is a fun little horror film.  Just don't look directly at the boobies.

Here's the trailer and some screenshots.  Enjoy.


Francis Lee said...

The nudity was bad?

Banacek said...

It's not good.

D4 said...

Maybe it's from an alternate universe where the nudity is the horror and the zombies are the exploitation.

DrunkethWizerd said...

The nudity is the horror, I like that. This looks uninteresting enough to watch. Man that shooting gallery in the beginning looked like total shit!

Banacek said...

The nudity is certainly the scariest part of the movie.

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