Horror Hotties: Linda Blair

Fuck, why not.  It's almost Halloween so bring on the naked pictures of Regan!  If you've read this other post then you know that I'm not particularly fond of the woman, but she did star in one of the most popular horror films of all time and a lot of other guys and probably some gals think she's hot.  I thought she was outstanding in The Exorcist and decent in Exorcist II: The Heretic, a movie that sucked but in which she looked pretty good.  But then she seemed to get all plump and bitchy which seems to be a paradox.  Aren't plump people supposed to be jolly?  But anyway, she sharted (I meant to type "started" but accidentally typed "sharted" and then I laughed so I'm leaving it) appearing in shitty B-movies, not really acting in them, but rather just kind of being there, saying her lines and probably wondering about the catering service and whether the donuts were jelly-filled or just cake.  So about this time I guess she needed money to put food in her belly and cocaine up her nose so she started posing nude for men's magazines like Playboy, which is where most of these pictures come from.

I don't want to be too mean.  When I say that I'm not fond of her, that's not entirely true.  Her figure during her more "rubenesque" days doesn't appeal to me and her lackluster performances during the '80s are certainly annoying and somewhat sad, but I do respect her as a person.  She has contributed quite a lot to the horror and exploitation genres, giving us films like Hell Night (1981), Chained Heat (1983), Savage Streets (1984), Red Heat (1985) and Savage Island (1985).  Sure, they're pretty terrible but they're entertaining.  But I respect her most for her dedication to animal rights and her humanitarian work.  She's a vegan and not only does she support organizations like PETA and Feed the Children, she has her own charity called the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation which helps rescue abused and neglected animals.

She still does occasional TV work, sometimes to promote animal rights like when she was on "Pit Boss" with Shorty Rossi who developed a cigar with master blender A.J. Fernandez called the Diesel Shorty which is freakin' awesome and which I'd be smoking later today if it wasn't so goddamn cold, windy and rainy. 

In conclusion, if you get the chance, try the Diesel Shorty because it is a damn fine cigar.

Linda Blair also had a two year "friendship" with Rick James.  Spooky stuff.


Thomas Duder said...

In b4 Dave Chapelle show quotes.

Wooooow, she survived Rick James? That oughta be a sterling accomplishment right THERE, no joke. Dude was a fiend. :3

Huh, I don't mind her Playboy years too much, but like you said - the plump paradox is too perplexing for my personage. x_X;

Besides, I dislike Playboy to Hustler, y'know? For the same reason I hate strip clubs but love gettin' dates - I don't wanna just see the girl naked, I want her manhandled and penetrated.

Playboy just gives ya wordy articles AND THEY'LL NEVER ACCEPT MINE. D:<

I blame it on being an exhibitionist and not a voyeur. 's just my thing, yo.

~Thomas Duder

D4 said...

Just the combo of nose and cheeks don't do it for me. One of those two had to change for me to like, like her. Some of these pictures make it all go away though. Must be good to be a photographer. It's like lying, with visuals.

DrunkethWizerd said...

My head was spinning from the hotness of all these pics... but once I saw that last one I vomited up my green pea soup!

Mr. Xploit, Esquire said...

She can be in any mood she wants, as long as she's plump. What a weird photo of her in bed with Rick James. Disturbing to say the least.

David said...

Saw her at the Mad Monster Party. Not a hotty anymore. And yes, in person she is a mean ass bitch as many have said.

Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ, I never thought she was that hot!

Lacey said...

Even though she was way "legal" when theses were taken, there is still something "juvenile" about Linda's face back then. Cute, but mildly "underage." Almost "Taxi Driverish"

Great post though. I always like style.

Anonymous said...

Linda Blair one hot peace of a**

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