Blood, Babes and Bill Oberst Jr.

The three seem to go together pretty damn well.

These are some test photos for Lord Bateman, a film concept about "a man who gives in to his depraved side and becomes a demon for his troubles" according to horror thespian Bill Oberst Jr., or more specifically it's about an aristocrat in 16th century Europe who struggles with the duality of the sophisticated, and kind aspect of himself and the seduction of the brutal, sinful and demonic which lurks within; kind of like Dr. Jekyll and a nightmarish, charred and blood-smeared demon as Mr. Hyde.

Lord Bateman is in the pre-development stage and this photo shoot was designed capture the delightfully hellish tone of this potential project, and while only a few of the pictures have been released so far, the good news is that the entire set will be released on Halloween.

"I shaved my body, worked out like a bastard for a month, got a 4-hour paint job, drooled food coloring and covered myself in hot slimy ooze for this one little test shoot. I’m still stained red in places and I’m bruised and sore but I’ll do all that again, and more, if we get it into production as a feature. I love horror! I’ll do anything it takes to make fans happy. My goal is entertain people by scaring the hell out of them. I think that’s a noble goal, don’t you?” says Bill via HorrorBug

And I do love Bill, but there are two more attractive reasons to take delight in these photographs.  Juxtaposed to the horrific, slick and sinewy red demon of Mr. Oberst are two lovely young ladies who obviously also do a lot of crunches.  Sorry Bill, I'd rather look at them than your shaved, red ass.

Mr. Oberst has informed me that photographer Ed Thomas wanted a "1950's female victim look" for models Alice Orozco and Anna Christina Pullig and I think it was effective.  Sure, they still have clothes on but what are you gonna do?  More photos from the session can be found on their Facebook pages and more information about Bill and his filmography can be found on IMDb.  I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos on Halloween.

Bill Oberst Jr. uses his Sith powers to choke out the photographer for staring at his junk.  Probably.


T. Roger Thomas said...

Bill Oberst Jr. sounds like a fairly awesome individual to me.


Banacek said...

Indeed he is.

D4 said...

Funny how having your face red will make you look creepy. I dig it.

Bill Oberst Jr. said...

Banacek is a wise man to highlight the visual virtue of the females in question. Tis a classic case of Beauty And The Beast. I'm glad you guys dug the 50's victim vibe for the girls, although now I wish we had done a version for Banacek with the roles reversed; them shaved and oiled and the devil in 1950's garb. Next time! A pleasure to be mentioned on Beasts With Human Skin. I seriously love this blog.

Bill Oberst Jr. said...

P.S. Now that I have my demon contact lenses off I can see clearly enough to correctly write the damned name - Beasts IN Human Skin. "With" carries another meaning entirely. My apologies for the typo. I stand by my man-crush on the blog.


Banacek said...

That's ok Bill. We still love you.

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