Mean Johnny Barrows (1976) Trailer

Brutal!.. Blasting!.. Blazing!

Mean Johnny Barrows
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 Fred "The Hammer" Williamson directed and starred in Mean Johnny Barrows, blaxploitation action thriller in which he is kicked out of the army and ends up homeless and desperate on the streets of L.A. Williamson ends up beaten, exploited and abused by muggers, police and potential employers before his desperation leads him to accept an offer from a kindly Mob boss to take out members of a rival, more evil Mafia family. Many scenes of violence, double crosses and plot twists follow.

So why is Fred Williamson creepily staring through the legs of Fred Williamson in that poster?  The world may never know.  But if you're looking for a mediocre blaxploitation film to fill 90 minutes of your life, this one may fit the bill.


The Angry Lurker said...

Is it wrong that I've seen this.....and may have liked it!

Banacek said...

@Lurker - Nope! It's not a bad movie in my opinion, but it doesn't stand out as one of the best of the blaxploitation films either. Not bad. Not great.

D4 said...

Wait it's seriously likeable? Woah.. okay

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