Horsing Around With Brigitte Lahaie

Today we continue with Brigitte Lahaie's naked exploration of the animal kingdom.  After making out with a fish in the blue waters of some tropical paradise, she now crawls naked on all fours across a desert with only her horse to keep her company.

I wonder if she realizes that she's actually on a beach and that instead of trying to seduce the horse, she can just ride it to civilization.  I think she finally figures it out after her seduction techniques fail.  That horse doesn't look interested at all.

And she must have eventually made it to safety, because she went on to do lots and lots of porn... and Jean Rollin exploitation films.  And for both I am thankful.


Bersercules said...

To I hate this? Nay!!

The Angry Lurker said...

God she was pretty, I wish I had been the horse!

D4 said...

I look at these and I think to myself.. "Nay, whinnie, whinnie screech, nay".

Needless to say, I'm amused.

sundersartwork said...

What is it with animals in these pin up pics lol. I would imagine riding a horse like that would lead to a bruised cat, never mind the horse lol.
I love the look on the horses ...er face.

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Dayum, dude...just Lahie! Dat body.

But, seriously, what's with the pairing up with the animals and such? It must be a 70's thing.

"Hey, it works with meat and figs, why not women and animals?"

Thus was zoophilia beastiality porn created!

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