Blanca Marsillach and Her Sweet Spanish Honey

And by honey I mean vajayjay.

I watched The Devil's Honey a.k.a. Il miele del diavolo the other day which is kind of like a very long episode of the Red Shoe Diaries but directed by Lucio Fulci.  I don't particularly like Fulci's films when he strays outside of the horror genre and this erotic thriller is no exception.  That is to say, it's pretty terrible.  However, it does have Blanca Marsillach and her little caboose in the leading role.  And she gets naked.  A lot.

In fact, she has her boob out within the first minute of the movie when her boyfriend gets her off by playing his saxophone against her cooter...  because this movie was released in 1986 and in 1986, saxophones got pussies wet.

Then she prances around naked and/or tortures an old guy while she's naked for like 75% of the film.

Saxophone?  More like SEXophone!  Am I right?


Bersercules said...

75% of the time shes nude? Its definetly the movie for me!!

The Angry Lurker said...

Nude prancing and saxophone orgasms, what's not too like!

G said...

she seems a liberated little soul

D4 said...

I was NOT ready for that last pic. You were serious.. you were speaking literally.. I guffawed.

sundersartwork said...

Ha i laughed at the 1986 saxaphone joke, its true, if you look at all the coke adverts and action films set in blue clubs.
Imagine if he sneezed though with that sax on her shed blow up like a house.

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Oh man, I LOVED Ziaman King's Red Shoe Diaries growing up. Tales From The Crypt was better for harder-core (yet still softcore) pron on the cable box. Viva la Skinemax late night's as a teen, y'knowwhatI'msayin'?

Yeaaaaaah, this chick looks like she's got a nice, trim backyard but man her front yard got graveled over and made way for a small parking lot. Cute face at least.

Let us not forget, friends: a small-breasted woman holds you closer to her heart. :D

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