Russ Meyer's Haji Exposes Her Naked 38Ds

Her real name is Baby Girl Downes.  No really, it is.  And I'm not quite sure but I think her parents may have been hippies.  She is also known as Barbarella Catton, Haji Catton, and Haji Cat and she was born in Quebec to a Filipino father and an English/Irish mother, and she has giant boobs.  This is what she has to say about prudish Americans:
Americans still have an extreme problem with two things: sex and nudity.  I was taught that the body is like a goddess, nudity is beautiful.  I watched my uncle - a great artist in Canada - paint my mother topless in the trees and my sister breastfeeding.  It was so natural to me, and I think a woman's body and nudity are wonderful, lovely things. 
 - from Celebrity Sleuth magazine


That Bastard From Bellingham said...

DAYUM Banacek! I've been wondering about this beauty ever since your last post..."SUCK IT SUCK IT SUCK IT" lol.

That scene man, Motor Psycho.

Still, oh my, oh MY! Now she's a real beaut!

D4 said...

Well isn't she just lovely. Beautiful? I couldn't agree more!

Jay said...


meandmythinkingcap said...

Last pic - lot of cellulite? She does look pretty.
Kinda Tyra Banks, Vanessa Williams

Bersercules said...

Baby Girl Downes? Craziest name ever!!

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