Perverse and Naked: Teresa Ann Savoy

She has played a hermaphrodite, a retarded girl, a Nazi hooker and Caligula's sister/lover, and she got naked for every role.

Teresa Ann Savoy was born in London in 1955 but ran away from home to a hippie commune in Sicily when she was 16.  At the age of 18 she posed for the Italian version of Playboy called "Playmen" and then began an acting career in 1973 with her first role as a sexually promiscuous and developmentally disabled girl in Alberto Lattuada's Le farò da padre aka I'll Take Her Like a Father.

Then in 1974 she donned a prosthetic penis to play the hermaphrodite Baroness Mary Vetsera in Miklós Jancsó's Public Vices, Public Virtues.

But she is primarily known for her roles as a sex toy for the S.S. in the nazisploitation Salon Kitty and as Caligula's beloved sister Drusilla in the major motion picture/porn Caligula, which Roger Ebert described as "sickening, utterly worthless, shameful trash" before walking out in the middle of the screening.  I'm not sure what he was talking about, though.  The scene where Caligula has sex with Drusilla's corpse didn't even make it into the movie.


Bill Oberst Jr. said...

Oh where are actresses like Teresa today, Banacek? Thank you for reminding us of what we have lost.

D4 said...

She's amazing and all, and I'd love to see her with a prosthetic penis, but there's something about her face that makes her look under aged to me and that freaks me out. Kinda.

sundersartwork said...

The sex with a corpse made me laugh. Ebert is such a dullard anyway, i fail to see why he , or any critic is so famous. Their jobs are all about maintaining the status quo or supporting whatever studio film their paid to promote. They are sub intellectuals, and their favourite films are boringly predictable and stink of the fear of ridicule by their self enclosed, worthless elitist peer group. I am glad blogs and the internet are destroying their jobs, evoloution in action
But enough of the ranting, i thought Caligula was hilarious, and the giant red threshing machine was quite well staged, though doubtful historically. Seems so tame now, if it was released now it would be like Showgirls, seen as a joke, celebrated as such.

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