Solvi Stubing Picks Peaches Naked, Likes Touching Her Hair

Blonde beauty Solvi Stubing had a successful career in Italian exploitation films even though she was born in Berlin, and like many of the actresses of the grindhouse era, she got her start in modeling before she began a career in film.

She was the face of Peroni beer in the '60s before acting in a series of gialli, spaghetti westerns and nazisploitation movies including Blindman (1971) with Ringo Starr, Strip Nude for Your Killer (1975), Rino di Silvestro's Le Deportate della Sezione Speciale SS (1976) aka Deported Women of the SS Special Edition, and Umberto Lenzi's La Banda del Gobbo (1978).

 Luckily for the connoisseurs of exploitation-actress boobies, Solvi didn't stop modeling after she made the jump to the silver screen and appeared in various states of undress in magazines such as Sexyrama (French), King (Italian), Playmen (Italian), and Ciné-Revue (Belgian). In 1974 she was even on the cover of the October issue of the Italian version of Playboy.

And here are the pictures from some of those magazines.

And here she is touching her hair.  Looks like she's having a good time.

* Actually, I have no idea if those are peaches or not.


Bersercules said...

Its driving me crazy that I can't find a copy of Strip Nude for Your Killer to watch!

The Angry Lurker said...

Very pretty, lovely nips!

D4 said...

Blonde as she is, she's got that whole natural and realistic sexy body thing going on. That's all lost now.

Richard said...

I love how women from back then have way more charm than girls nowadays.
This girl is the perfect example for why I love coming back here on a regular basis ;)

DWei said...

Yeah, definitely looks like she's enjoying herself here.

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