Sweden: Heaven and Hell (1968)

Sweden... where the facts of life are stranger than fiction!

Sweden: Heaven and Hell
After the Muppets and Porn story circulated around the interwebs,  I felt I had to watch Sweden: Heaven and Hell for myself to see how porn-like this film really is.  I finally got around to seeing it and, well, it scores a whopping 2.5 on the Beasts in Human Skin Booby Index.  In fact there isn't any sex in it except for a very quick off-screen biker gang gang-rape and a little heavy petting.  There is indeed a significant amount of boobage and bare asses, but most of the nudity is shown during skinny dipping or sun tanning or snow-frolicking scenes.

So what I'm saying is,  Sweden: Heaven and Hell is most definitely not porn and if you watch it expecting some hardcore Scandinavian blonde on blonde action, you'll be disappointed.  However, if you watch it for the ridiculous commentary about the dangers of Socialism, you may find it as entertaining as I did.

The basic premise of this "documentary" is that Sweden has become a Godless nation where sex, drugs and wanton carnality have replaced traditional conservative Christian values.  Children are taught sexual education in school!  Condoms are made available to the general population!  Women have access to family planning and abortion clinics!  The white ladies are interested in black guys!  For the love of God, the Devil walks among us and he dwells in Sweden!

Anyway, the film not-so-subtly suggests that this hedonistic lifestyle leads to a directionless and unfulfilled existence where, after carelessly indulging in the sex and sin that the government so obviously supports, the Swedish people find that they have nothing to believe in or any reason to live and eventually kill themselves.

It is an entertaining little film.  There's not much sex, but quite a bit of nudity and it made me laugh out loud more than once, and because of this I'm going to go ahead and give a thumbs up to Sweden: Heaven And Hell.   ...But it's not porn.

Violence Rating:  1.5 out of 5
Booby Rating:  2.5 out of 5


Bersercules said...

Yeah if I had to live a life of constant sex and fun I'd wanna kill myself too!

R said...

Sounds pretty interesting!

Film Geek Bastard said...

Nudity and snow. Only in that part of Europe does it make sense.

Melanie said...

Well thanks...I am glad to know that one of my favorite muppet songs is NOT from a hard core porno!

Henry said...

Ah, thank you for that link.

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

Aww that short hair girl looks so cute, Swedish girls are awesome.

D4 said...

Now that's the good type of ridiculous. I could watch this.

Bonjour Tristesse said...

It's always great to see a new post from you.

This one I bet was sponsored by the ministry of tourism.

T. Roger Thomas said...

I appreciate the screen caps.

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

original:"Mah nà Mah nà " by Piero Umiliani
French Cover ,by Henri Salvador:
"mais non mais non" for your collection:)


this place is hot!!!!! thank

Have a bloody 2012

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