1970s Film Alphabet Quiz

Many thanks to Stephen Wildish for creating this minimalist movie quiz.  Can you name all of the films?  I can't.

Answers after the jump.

Apocalypse Now
A Clockwork Orange
Enter the Dragon
Fiddler on the Roof
Get Carter
Herbie Rides Again
Ilsa She Wolf of the SS
Kramer vs Kramer
Logan's Run
Mad Max
National Lampoon's Animal House
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Poseidon Adventure
Taxi Driver
Up in Smoke
Valdez is Coming
X Y and Zee

Herbie Rides Again?  Who the hell has ever seen Herbie Rides Again?

Good work Angry Lurker.  You have done well.  Better than me, anyway.


meandmythinkingcap said...

Other than the knowledge I acquired from this blog about psycho porn movies of 70s i don't know much about 70 movies or 70s I would definitely fail the quiz

Film Geek Bastard said...

I can only recognize around 11 or 12 up front that I'm 100% sure of.

Bersercules said...

Apocolypse Now, Blackulla, A Clockwork Orange (which starts with an A), Deliverence, Enter the Dragon, Fiddler on the roof, Get Carter, ... um I guess not! I don't know H and a few others are.

The Angry Lurker said...

1. Apocalypse Now
2. Blackula
3. Clockwork Orange
4. Deliverance
5. Enter the Dragon
6. Fiddler on the Roof
7. Get Carter
9. Ilsa, She Wolf
10. Jaws
11. Kramer vs Kramer
12. Logans Run
13. Mad Max
14. National Lampoons Animal House
15. One flew over the Cuckoos Nest
17. Quadrephenia
18. Rocky
19. Shaft
20. Taxi Driver
21. Up in Smoke
23. Westworld
25. Yanks
26. Zulu

Sub-Radar-Mike said...

The Jaws and Up In Smoke (?) ones are my favorites, gotta love minimal art.

Henry said...

Building on Bersercules' comment, I wanna say Jaws, Rocky, Shaft, Zulu

D4 said...

Nope. Nope.

Jay said...

The others have already guessed a few, I can only add Taxi Driver....

T. Roger Thomas said...

C - A Clockwork Orange
E - Enter the Dragon
S - One bad mot- shut your mouth!

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

Gah, I got only about fifteen of 'em, the rest I haven't a clue yet.

Don't tell me, don't tell me, I wanna get this one...

G said...

no idea for X or M

A Beer for the Shower said...

I never thought I could do worse on a movie quiz than on, say, a Spanish quiz. And I suck at Spanish. So that tells you how many of these I got right.

Zoltan said...

Good job, Lurker. H might be one of the Herbie movies and P might be Shelly Winters from The Poseidon Adventure.

I have no clue what V or X are...

The Angry Lurker said...

What ones did I miss Banacek?

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