Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Who Wants to See Uschi Digard Get Naked with a Dog?

I kind of don't, but I'm sure there are many who do.  Big breasted Swedes just don't do it for me, I guess... except for maybe Christina Lindberg.   I mean no disrespect to the many, many Uschi fans.  It's just that I'm more of a Phoebe Cates kind of guy.  But here are some pictures of the sleaze-queen posing playfully with a German Shepherd for all you lovers of massive mammaries and/or Alsatians. 

Frolicking naked with animals must have been the thing to do for porn/sleaze/sexploitation stars back in the 1970s because I've also seen pictures of Brigitte Lahaie posing provocatively with a Great Dane and an Afghan Hound and a horse and another horse and a fish.  I'll have to track those down...  Oh wait, here they are!