Thursday, May 17, 2012

Susan Saint James Slips a Nipple

Up here in Canada we get fucked over by Netflix.  Because we are such a small market we only get about a third of the selection that they get down in the States, and most of what we do get is crap.  I don't really care about the lack of new releases but the older films and TV series we have to choose from are less than stellar. 

But we do get McMillan & Wife.  And as you may have guessed from my name, I like crime and mystery shows from the 1970s... except for McCloud.  Fuck you McCloud and your stupid fucking hat!  Of course my real name isn't Banacek and I don't look much like George Peppard but that was an awesome show, and even though most of those mystery series like Banacek, McMillan & Wife, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Columbo, etc. were off the air before I was even born, I found them in later years and I love them.  They have class.

Anyway back to McMillan & Wife, and more specifically Susan Saint James who played the wife in McMillan & Wife.  Seeing these episodes again reminded me of how hot she was, so I went on a search to see if she had ever posed nude during her modelling years or if she ever got naked in any of her movies.  The answer is no.  All I could find was a grainy picture of a nip slip from Love At First Bite (1979) so that's what I'm going to post.  I wish there were full frontal nudes but alas, a blurry areola will have to do.