Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scandinavian Sexpot: Anne Bie Warburg

This Danish dame was originally a model before becoming a familiar face (along with her other body parts) in a series of sleazy, Scandinavian sex comedies and pornographic films in the 1970s.

Because most of her roles were in exploitation films, she shouldn't really be considered a porn star but she did perform in a handful of adult films.  Usually a body double was used for the sex scenes but she did do a few hardcore ones herself with her husband at the time, Bent Warburg; most notably in In the Sign of the Gemini (1975), In the Sign of the Taurus (1974) and La Foire aux Sexes aka The Hottest Show in Town (1974).

In the Sign of the TaurusIn the Sign of the Gemini Justine & Juliette


D4 said...

See, had I been around and enjoying life back in the 70's, not only would I see the rise of my favorite music, I'd also grow into beauties like this lady. I'm ignoring the whole foreign part. Pff.

The Angry Lurker said...

She's got sultry nailed!

That Bastard From Bellingham said...

@The Angry Lurker - Sultry, sure, but my god that bush. Sometimes, just fuckin' raze it to the ground or put on a delightful landing strip! Some people just aren't made for bush.

It's not even her pubes I'm talking about, it's everything else. Her pubes look great, it's just everything else...goddamn.

"Delectable danish pastries" my god that writing...

G said...

Good old 70's bush... none of this brazilian nonsense

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