Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marlene Wiese Ignores Safety, Mows Lawn Naked

I'd like to mow her lawn if ya know what I'm sayin'!  Well, if I could travel back in time to 1972.

This is Marlene Wiese.  She was only in a handful of sexploitation films in the Early '70s and therefore doesn't qualify as one of the Girls of Grindhouse, but she obviously liked to get naked in front of the camera so I'm happy to give her some more exposure (a pun!) forty years after these photos were taken.

She is probably most famous for playing Urlauberin in Yodeling Is No Sin (1974) which means she's not famous at all, at least not outside of Germany.  But she sure is nice to look at.  Or was.

Oh yes, naked lawn mowing...  Here's the picture along with some naked bike riding and naked puppy petting.

And here's a German magazine commenting on Marlene Wiese's involvement with the nazisploitation Frauleins in Uniform (1973), but she wasn't in that movie.  Those crazy Germans!