Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lola Falana Doesn't Run, Rides Horse Naked Instead

Known as the "First Lady of  Las Vegas" Lola Falana was originally a dancer who became an actress and a singer after she was discovered by Sammy Davis Jr..  She starred in a couple of films with him, was given a recording contract and helped destroy his marriage.  After the affair was over she went on to pose for Playboy Magazine and star in some Spaghetti Westerns and blaxploitation films including  Black Tigress (1967), The Klansman (1974), and Lady Cocoa (1975).  In the mid '70s she began performing in Vegas and became the highest paid female performer at the time, singing and dancing to sold-out crowds at the major hotels and casinos and eventually earning $100,000 a week at the Aladdin.