Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Christina Lindberg and Reiko Ike Get Naked

Norifumi Suzuki's 1973 grindhouse classic Sex and Fury features two of the queens of exploitation cinema, one from the East (Reiko Ike) and one from the West (Christina Lindberg.) 

I absolutely love this film but I have one little quibble with it - I've always thought Reiko Ike was too "soft" for this role.  Don't get me wrong, I think she does an outstanding job at naked swashbuckling and ass kicking.  It's just that I wonder if someone "leaner and meaner" (although she does look pretty damn lean in that bottom picture) might be more convincing: someone like Meiko Kaji (who would never agree to it because of the nudity) or Reiko Ike's pinky violence co-star Miki Sugimoto.  Or maybe I just think Meiko and Miki are hotter. 

Anyway here's a video from Sex & Fury with Christina Lindberg and Reiko Ike featuring a lot of the sex but not so much of the fury.

Christina_Lindberg_Jun_Midorikawa_Reiko_Ike by igaguriseijin