Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls of Grindhouse: Christina Lindberg

Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg, better known as Christina Lindberg, is one of Sweden's most famous exploitation and erotica film stars, and a well known glamour model and journalist.

She was born on December 6, 1950 in Gothenburg, Sweden to a working class family and was raised in Annedal, Gothenburg with her three brothers and one sister.  While in high school, she studied Latin and had aspirations to one day study archaeology.   At about the age of 18 and still in high school, Christina began her rise to exploitation royalty by posing in the buff for a few men's magazines including FIB Aktuellt and Lektyr after some bikini shots were published in local newspapers. She then went international, posing for Playboy, the French magazine Lui, the British Mayfair and in June of 1970 she became a Penthouse Pet.

She went on to star in 23 films, most of which are of the exploitation or erotica genres.  From the Grindhouse Cinema Database:
Christina's acting debut was in the coming of age-sexploitation film Maid in Sweden (1969). After this, she several more exploitation films followed, many of which were filmed in Germany and Japan. As part of the marketing campaign for the film Exposed aka The Depraved (1970) she went on a publicity trip to Japan, which later resulted in an invitation to appear in Japanese exploitation films. She played a major supporting role in Norifumi Suzuki's Pink film classic Sex & Fury (1973). In 1972, she played the role of Frigga in Bo Arne Vibenius's controversial rape-revenge film Thriller: A Cruel Picture. Director Quentin Tarantino expressed his admiration for both the film and Lindberg's performance and Frigga served as an inspiration for Daryl Hannah's character in Tarantino's Kill Bill films. In Kill Bill he also borrowed elements from Sex & Fury.  
Lindberg became concerned that erotica films were becoming too explicit and that the line between these films and hardcore ones was becoming blurred.  She left the set of the West German film, Flossie and returned to her native Sweden after the director, Gerard Damiano - the guy who also directed Deep Throat - warned her that it was going to be a hardcore film. It was never completed.

In 1972 Christina fell in love with future husband Bo Sehlberg and eventually worked as a journalist for his aviation magazine, Flygrevyn.  After he died in 2004, Christina took over and became editor-in-chief of Flygrevyn which is the largest aviation magazine in Scandinavia.  In 2007 she announced that she would be starting an acting school.